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what we do

We manufacture agave surfboard blanks which are biodegradable and eco-friendly, providing the world with a viable alternative to surfboard foam! 

About us

Grow Blanks Ltd uses a sustainable business model to offer an alternative to traditional foam surfboard blanks. We are based on one of the worlds' largest agave farms, harvesting our material from a sustainable source. Our blanks are made from organically-grown agave. All our products as well as any waste material is 100% organic and biodegradable.  

We are based in Kenya where unemployment rates are high. Our workshop provides much needed employment and training in a highly populated area. The farm we live on is surrounded by game-filled National Parks, and its boundaries are an important corridor for animals that move between the parks. Negative human-wildlife interactions are a very real problem here. By providing people with a source of income, we are not only providing livelihoods to communities, but also safeguarding the lives of the animals.


Our factory waste is turned into other products, such as biochar and soil amendments, thereby providing further employment and support for local communities. We also grow mushrooms from the waste. This is a growing aspect of our production line that we hope to develop in the future. 

Our blanks are exported anywhere in the world!

Our products

Our Agave blanks are hand-made in Kenya

surfboard blanks

We have a set range of blanks but can also produce custom blanks. We manufacture one of the world's most environmentally friendly surfboard blanks and are Gold Level accredited by Sustainable Surf. For more information on our range please visit our products section. For custom made blanks you will need to contact us directly and provide us with specifications. Custom blank prices will depend on the size and specifications of the blank.


our gallery

Photographs from our workshop, surroundings, and team