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We offer a standard blank range as well as make custom boards. Our standard range includes a 6"10 blank with a chunky body and versatile rocker. This blank can be shaped into a wide range of boards. We also have a Long board, and SUP standard design. Please view our product range below for more details.

custom blanks

We are happy to make custom boards, provided we get exact technical drawings for the blank template. Custom blanks will cost more than one of our standard range blanks. Prices depend on size and quantity. 


Our prices vary according to blank size and specifications. We also have a sliding scale according to quantity: orders of higher quantities have lower per unit price. Please contact us directly with your order requirements so we can provide you with a quote.
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the blanks

Our standard range of blanks

Standard 6'10" versatile blank

This blank is chunky and has a versatile rocker. It can be shaped into a wide variety of short boards from flat rocker fishes to your more high performance shapes.

Long board Blank

A versatile 9'8" long board blank

SUP 10' Blank

This Standup Paddle-board (SUP) blank is 10ft long and 4.5 inches thick. This can be shaped into a wide variety of SUP styles.