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Why use sisal agave?

In today's world, there is growing concern about the effect of human consumption on our planet. The amount of waste in oceans and landfills is reaching devastating levels, and having a negative impact on all life on our planet. Our lifestyles and level of consumption need to change if we are to preserve the ecosystem that sustains life. 


Most of us love our oceans. However, while we enjoy surfing or going for a SUP, many of us are unaware of how much pollution comes from the production of surfboards. To make a surfboard or SUP blank, a polyurethane board is shaved down to the shape of the board. This produces huge amounts of toxic foam dust, most of which ends up in landfills, as do old and broken boards. Discarded waste which does not biodegrade and contains toxic chemicals ends up in a landfill, in the ocean, or in the atmosphere.

Our products offer a biodegradable and sustainable solution to traditional surfboard manufacture.

our vision

Part of the solution to the world’s massive consumption levels is business models that are sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly. This is the concept on which we built our business. We wanted our company to have a positive effect on the planet while creating much needed jobs in Africa. Living on a large sisal agave farm in Kenya, we looked into ways of using the sisal agave plants’ poles as an alternative for foam. 


Founded in 2021, Grow Blanks Ltd is an innovative and ambitious company. Our workshop is situated on one of the worlds largest sisal fiber producing farms in Kenya. Grow Blanks Ltd is a cutting-edge project that produces a variety of eco-products from sisal agave waste. Our concept is to utilize the organic waste from large-scale sisal farms to create a product that is unique, renewable and eco-friendly, while simultaneously empowering the local community by training them to manufacture such a product and giving them an income.

the team

Our Founder and Director Daniel Treloar was born in Zimbabwe, and has lived in several countries in Africa and beyond. He has a passion for sustainable living, and for the ocean. A kite surfer himself, he has tested all our products personally. He recognises the enormous potential of turning an industry that is polluting our planet into one that has minimal negative impact. Daniel employs a small team of Kenyans, all of whom he has trained on the job.

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